In today’s interconnected world, nuclear issues stand as a defining challenge of our time, permeating global security landscapes with profound implications. The threat of nuclear proliferation, coupled with the risks of accidental or deliberate use of nuclear weapons, casts a long shadow over international relations. Against a backdrop of evolving geopolitical tensions and emerging technologies, the stakes have never been higher. From strategic deterrence and arms control to the humanitarian consequences of nuclear conflict, the complexities of nuclear policy and security demand urgent attention and informed engagement. In this context German Student Young Pugwash (GSYP) wants to increase the understanding and knowledge of the nuclear field, from technological sides to the strategic aspects. Pugwash’s enduring focus remains on nuclear weapons, acknowledging them as a persistent existential risk in the twenty-first century. Through ongoing dialogue, we confront the complexities of this issue, striving for effective strategies to mitigate their threats. Join us in navigating the terrain of nuclear security and forging a safer more peaceful future.We therefore launched various projects from the nuclear reading club, the first of its kind to a podcast. Go check out the projects out below.

Nuclear Literature Recommendations

These literature recommendations, curated by experts across disciplines, offer invaluable insights into the multifaceted landscape of nuclear strategy and security. Covering topics ranging from deterrence theory to the ethical implications of nuclear injustice, these texts provide a comprehensive overview of the historical, theoretical, and practical dimensions of nuclear issues. Whether exploring the evolution of strategic thought or examining contemporary challenges, these recommendations serve as essential resources for scholars, students, and policymakers seeking to navigate the complexities of nuclear affairs in today’s world.

Mapping Nuclear Scholars

Exploring nuclear studies, we map out experts with their specialized research areas, shedding light on key themes in the discipline. This curated collection serves as a valuable starting point, offering insights into the diverse research shaping discussions on nuclear strategy and security. Acknowledging the geopolitical context is crucial, influencing research perspectives, as seen in the distribution of major research centers worldwide. By spotlighting major players and their affiliations, we unveil interconnected communities driving innovation and dialogue, facilitating engagement within the field.

Reading Club

Feeling disconnected from the authors of your research papers? Join the German Student/Young Pugwash Nuclear Reading Club! Hosted by Philipp Fischer and Ariel Karn, this club connects you directly with leading contributors in the nuclear field. Dive into their texts, share your perspectives, and discuss questions and ideas with researchers. Each month, explore fascinating literature and engage in live meetings with experts specializing in nuclear weapons issues. Don’t miss your chance to organize meetings with researchers, present your views, and write published reviews. Join Ariel and Philipp for the next session.


Delving into the intricate realm of Nuclear Diplomacy, we embark on a collaborative series of interviews with Student/Young Pugwash UK, aiming to unravel the complexities of proliferation, navigating arms control initiatives, and the national imperatives driving their negotiation. Our esteemed guests have included Mark S. Bell, associate professor at the University of Minnesota, and Darya Dolzikova, Research Fellow at RUSI. Join us as we explore the multifaceted landscape of nuclear diplomacy, engaging with experts to shed light on critical issues shaping global security and diplomacy.