Read, Write, and Review Nuclear Literature

Nuclear Strategy, Arms Control, and Nonprofileration

Do you think the authors of your research papers are out of reach? Do you have strong thoughts about your favourite research articles?
German Student/Young Pugwash has launched the Nuclear Reading Club on Nuclear Strategy, Arms Control, and Non-proliferation – hosted by yours truly, Philipp Fischer and Ariel Karn – to fix those issues!

What makes this format unique is its design to really bring you together with some of the outstanding contributors in the nuclear field!
You will have the chance to dive deep into their texts, share your perspective in presentations and reviews, and discuss your questions and ideas with researchers,

An opportunity to study nuclear issues, show what you learned, and connect.

Each month, we have a fascinating piece of literature and a live meeting with experts specialising in nuclear weapons issues. We cover some of the most popular topics, including challenges of the third nuclear age, contemporary influences such as those of artificial intelligence, and other pressing policy concerns.

This is your chance to …

  • Organise meetings with outstanding researchers
  • Present and discuss your views on insightful works about nuclear issues
  • Write reviews to be published by GSYP

Your Hosts

Ariel Karn

Master Student of Nonprofileration and Terrorism Studies Middlebury Institute, Monterrey.

Philipp Fischer

Master Student of Peace and Security Studies at University Hamburg

Our Next Session

The next session will be on May 30, from 4-5pm CEST, via Zoom. Our guest will be Prof. Andrew Futter, from the University of Leicester.

Reading for the Session: Deterrence, Disruptive Technology and Disarmament in the Third Nuclear Age, Ckick for access here. 

Previous Sessions

Our guests were Tim Thies and Dr. Alexander Graef, from the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy, University of Hamburg.

Reading for the Session: Graef, Alexander, Tim Thies. 2022. Lessons from the Past: Arms Control in Uncooperative Times. Global Security Policy Brief. London: European Leadership Network.

We would love to hear from you!