Who We Are

SYP Germany is an interdisciplinary network of students and young professionals concerned with the interface of science, technology, society and ethics. Do you want to know who is in the team – click here.

Our Vision

Inspired by the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs, SYP Germany helps to introduce the younger generation to the principles and objectives of the Pugwash Conferences.

It provides a plural forum for students and young professionals to critically examine and explore the motivations for scientific advancements and the implications of technological development for the everyday lives of people.

Our Values

We ask our members to respect the values of our approach:

  • Inclusivity: Embracing demographic, cultural and cognitive diversity within and outside our organisation
  • Empathy: Actively listening and engaging with different perspectives
  • Integrity: Demonstrating accountability for one’s work, including transparency in approach and results, and recognising existing flaws or mistakes

How We Work

We seek to improve ties between members within Germany first and foremost. This does not mean that membership is exclusive to Germans however! We specifically want to promote multicultural and international exchange, and are part of a broader global network.

We welcome students and young professionals from all academic discplines and nationalities, from STEM to social sciences, and Erasmus to Global citizen.

You are a student or early-career individual and passionate about joining a national network of like-minded inviduals? We would love for you to contribute to German SYP’s initiatives—or even even your own. If you are an international student, you might also be interested in learning more about the International Student Young Pugwash movement and their history here, or have a look at the other national groups here.